Author Wilma Davidson was born in Scotland and has three children and five grandchildren. Accordingly she can well understand a parent's concern for the safety of their children.

Wilma Is the Author of several books and is one of the UK's experts on Dowsing. She has been a Healer and  a Therapist for twenty years and during that period has helped many patients to deal with the trauma of sexual abuse.

After realising that sex abuse was a very big subject, Wilma's experience in this field encouraged her to write Tears and Fears. The book offers support to the many victims in different parts of the world who need help and understanding to find the strength to cope with memories of the trauma. Her compassion shines through this book and many readers will feel she is a Helpline in their time of need.

A proud Scot, Wilma lives in the South of England and is an author of books on a variety of subjects. For almost twenty years she has been a metaphysician, and is a healer member of the NFSH Healing Trust.
An experienced exorcist, she is regularly called to help rescue lost spirits, and write articles for magazines on this fascinating subject.
Wilma is an authority on the harmful effects of Geopathic Stress on health and has been clearing this unwelcome energy from homes and offices for two decades. She has been a guest on many BBC radio programmes talking about these harmful energy lines which come from deep underground.
Wilma's books are crammed full of helpful information gained from her years of working in these fields.